Jengi Bel Mercy El Jefe

Step aside, folks. has arrived to show us the slopes.

Merely months after Dutch producer Jengi‘s house track “Bel Mercy” went viral on TikTok, the track has received remix treatment from Faustix, and now has joined in for a nostalgic feature.

The remix of the track, titled “Bel Mercy (El Jefe),” which means “the boss,” maintains its original form and style. But drops in some nostalgic-sounding vocals that are reminiscent of the classic Black Eyed Peas tracks. This rendition of “Bel Mercy” features a slightly darker tone with a booming kick and expansive bass line.

According to Sports Playlists, Diplo played the track for after the super producer mentioned wanting to get back into dance music. After hearing the track, jumped in the studio to record his vocals with Israeli multi-platinum record producer and songwriter Johnny Goldstein. He’s worked with David Guetta, Sia, Black Eyed Peas, Madonna, and more.

Jengi & – “Bel Mercy (El Jefe) [Extended Mix] is recognized as one of the most transformative producers of the 2000s. As the founder of the dance-pop supergroup Black Eyed Peas, he’s achieved global success that few others have obtained. He’s garnered 27 Grammy nominations, seven Grammy wins, and has served as a judge and mentor on TV talent show “The Voice.”

This new collaboration with further propels “Bel Mercy” into the limelight and Billboard charts. After the track went viral on TikTok on Beatport’s account, the track has garnered a mind-numbing one billion views and used in more than 100,000 videos on the platform.

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