Home Free Downloads Jauz & Crankdat – ‘I Hold Still’ (Slushii VIP Remix) [Free Download]

Jauz & Crankdat – ‘I Hold Still’ (Slushii VIP Remix) [Free Download]

Jauz & Crankdat – ‘I Hold Still’ (Slushii VIP Remix) [Free Download]

Bass prodigies Jauz and Crankdat joined forces for an immensely heavy collaboration on “I Hold Still.” The track was played out at festivals and on stages around the globe prior to its highly anticipated release date. As a Christmas treat, Slushii provided us with his VIP take on the widely popular track as a free download.

Slushii, a Los Angeles-based DJ, producer, and remixer, has infiltrated his signature gummy, pop meets heavy electronic music by leveraging distorted, panned, and filtered vocals that are accompanied by a filtered pluck that evolves into an edgy synth pad. He builds the track into a heavily distorted dubstep drop that unleashes pent energy that drives the relentless bass throughout. The original “I Hold Still” is heavy, but this remarkable VIP mix slams us with an equally as heavy counterpart.

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