Jauz & Axel Boy’s ‘I Dare You’ is a maniacal bass house party

Jauz and Axel Boy continue to switch things up.

Jauz & Axel Boy play a devilish game of truth or dare in freaky bass house collaboration “I Dare You.”

With Jauz and Axel Boy’s cutting-edge sound design techniques and song structure “I Dare You” is sure to light up any dance floor. The swiveling synth in the drop makes for a hypnotic twist, while the synth chords in the build up put together an infectious harmony.

This high energy collaboration comes just after Jauz released his remix of Pinkfong‘s “Baby Shark.” Earlier this year he released his The Wise and The Wicked album, which told the story about a scary future and potential reality of where the wealthy elite and poor minority become split and pinned against each other. The Wise and The Wicked is most certainly one of the best, if not the best, albums of the year because of its true diversity and detail.

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