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Sajeeb Saha, better known by his highly anticipated moniker Jai Wolf, is one of the well polished, yet hidden gems within the electronic music scene. His notable sound stands out amongst others. With his unprecedented sound design, song structures, and emotional vocals, Jai Wolf has become one of the most sought after artists in the scene. His latest song with Chelsea Jade, “Lost,” is the producer’s first track in 16 months. The track has been released on Mom+Pop. It seems as though he was lost, but this new track proves us otherwise.

The electronic musician has created serious buzz around his name after he released his hugely successful “Starlight.” In addition to “Starlight,” he’s also seen immense success with tracks like “Like It’s Over,” “Indian Summer,” and many more. To further his name, sound, and impressive talents, Wolf made his way around the world by appearing at festivals and shows.

“Lost” is a culmination of Wolf’s signature sounds and song structure. It blends unique disco vibes, future bass, and indie pop throughout the track’s entirety. Chelsea Jade’s cunning vocals shine brighter than the sun during the track. Massive 80s percussion, synths, and retro atmospheres pair this to be an amazing comeback after his hiatus for Jai Wolf.

“Chelsea and I wrote this song as sort of an anthem for a generation of kids who feel disillusioned by the world around them,” states Wolf. “Feeling lost is something that never necessarily goes away. Even when you might think you’ve found your way, your perspective might shift and you may feel lost again. This song is about that cycle and our desire to escape it. This song is also special to me because it is the perfect bridge between my old music and where I want to go next.”

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