Home News Infected Mushroom make debut on Monstercat with ‘Spitfire’

Infected Mushroom make debut on Monstercat with ‘Spitfire’

Infected Mushroom make debut on Monstercat with ‘Spitfire’

Infected Mushroom, a highly respected Israeli electronic duo, has made their debut on the iconic Monstercat label with a seven minute psytrance track called “Spitfire.” The release is unusual for the Canadian label, but they’re continuing to expand their release catalogue with various genres to generate some new listeners. Kudos, Monstercat!

“Spitfire” is everything you could hope for from Infected Mushroom and the psytrance genre. Deep bass, atmospheric synths, and distorted guitars bring this track to life and spit fire, literally. Infected Mushroom is known for their all-around epic electronic tracks, and “Spitfire” is no exception.

Infected Mushroom began their electronic music reign in Haifa, Israel in 1996 with producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. The duo is one of the most successful and best-selling acts in Israeli music history in terms of domestic and international sales.

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