Image-Line FL Studio 21 What's New
PC: Image-Line

Belgium-based audio company Image-Line has released FL Studio 21, and it comes with big improvements to audio editing, added features like clip gain, and much more.

Users of FL Studio receive a lifetime of free updates after purchasing, which means that this update is free for everyone who has previously purchased FL Studio.

It’s been four years since FL Studio users received version 20.9, the last big release before now-released version 21.

Clip gain

One of the most requested additions to FL Studio has been clip gain, so Image-Line added it to this latest update. This allows individual clips in the playlist to be increased or decreased in volume. Previously, users would have had to duplicate the clip they wanted to adjust the volume on and make it “unique,” cluttering up the amount of audio files and clips in their session. This is a feature many other competing DAWs have had for awhile now, including Logic Pro X, Ableton, and Pro Tools.

Audio clip fades in playlist

Another highly requested feature that Image-Line added is audio clip fades, another feature other DAWs like Ableton and Logic Pro X have had for years. Audio clip fades allow for the user to add in a small fade in/out on individual clips without having to create an automation clip. This quick fade ins/outs can remove the pops and clicks that occur when an audio file begins at the zero-crossing point.

Image Lines FL Studio 21 Audio Envelope and Gain Controls
Image-Line’s FL Studio 21 Audio Clip Fades. PC: Image-Line

New plugins

FL Studio 21 introduced four new plugins that provide reverb, phasing, delay, and sequencing.

  • LuxeVerb: An advanced algorithmic reverb with a rich sound that’s capable of simulating realistic acoustic spaces in any shape or size.
  • Vintage Phaser: Software version of the 1970’s Electro-Harmonics Small Stone Phase Shifter
  • Multiband Delay: A surgical delay that’s capable of splitting any sound into 16 different frequency bands and setting the delay parameters individually.
  • VFX Sequencer: A pattern arpeggiator and step sequencer that is built to be used in conjunction with Patcher to send MIDI note sequences to the connected plugins.

In addition, Image-Line updated plugins like Maximus, FLEX, 3x OSC, Edison, and Gross Beat.

Image Line FL Studio 21 New Plugins
Image-Line’s FL Studio 21 New Plugins. PC: Image-Line


Finally! The customizability for FL Studio has expanded. Users can now change the overall theme of their software to use one of the templated themes or create their own.

Image-Line FL Studio 21 Themes
Image-Line FL Studio 21 Themes. PC: Image-Line

Bug fixes and tweaks galore

Image-Line didn’t just stop at adding a handful of new plugins and updating older ones. The rolled out improvements to the mixer, MIDI scripting and MIDI, piano roll, and browser.

This is perhaps one of the biggest and most anticipated updates of FL Studio since it released version 20 to run natively on Mac. The barrage of bug fixes and added features will continue to elevate music producers to create more music in a timely and efficient manner.

Check out all of FL Studio 21’s newest features below. You can read about all of the new features and improvements in FL Studio 21 here.

Image-Line’s overview of what’s new in FL Studio 21.

To purchase or learn more about FL Studio, visit Image-Line’s website here.


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