Horizon Cali Dbn Got It

Horizon and Cali Dbn join forces for a reckless dubstep collaboration called “Got It.” With grueling synths and even grittier percussion, “Got It” is sure to make you take it.

This dubstep/trap fusion track mixes in a myriad of electronic elements. An eerie bell arpeggio with counterpoint movements open the track. Cali Dbn’s moving vocals jump in with Horizon’s trap rhythm and 808s. As the track continues to build, it leaves you with an uncertainty as to how it’s going to unleash itself. Is it going to head for trap? Riddim? Dubstep? Drumstep? When it finally unleashes, it knocks you flatter than a warm beer with its piercing synth. The second drop comes through with a 140 BPM four-on-the-floor rhythm to introduce the first part, immediately transitioning back to the dubstep rhythm after.

Sit tight. Grab hold. Enjoy the ride. Got it?

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