HARBER Make U Dance

HARBER has had a career shifting 2019. Just recently he released his remixes of Sultan + Shepard, Rock Mafia, and Bahari’s “Miles To Your Heart” on 12 Tone Music and NERVO’s “Worlds Collide.” He’s now closing out this year with a playful future house original dubbed “Make U Dance” on 450 Music.

The beginning of “Make U Dance” sets the tone with a Mariachi band sample, grooming the track to be one of HARBER’s most diverse and eclectic to date. His barrage of basses to assist in the driving force behind this future house anthem ensures that it’s chock-full of energy from the first beat to the last. HARBER swiftly builds the track into a stunning four-on-the-floor ground-shaker that further reels the listeners in.

“I’m really looking forward to releasing ‘Make U Dance’ because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever put out before,” HARBER says. “I felt really inspired by the Mariachi band sample that you hear on this record and I wanted to finish off 2019 with a bang and showcasing something a little bit outside of my usual comfort zone. I hope everybody likes how this one turned out as much as I do.”

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