Habstrakt Free Gud Vibrations

Bass house mogul Habstrakt is back at it again with a glorifying single called “Free” on SLANDER and NGHTMRE’s Gud Vibrations label. This is Habstrakt’s second release Gud Vibrations. He released his slamming single “De La Street” last year.

“Free” is as packed as they come. Habstrakt is instantly recognized for his punchy dynamic sound that’s engineered specifically for the club. The powerful vocal that chants, “Set me free!” throughout is heavily modified with effects, including reverb and a lower pitch. The production gets tightened up and focused with a slew of mind-numbing effects. And the mid-bass that Habstrakt is known for swiftly jumps in and tightens this track up more than the bolt in a car engine.

Set yourself free as you enjoy the bass, tight-knit production, and playful atmospheric effects that Habstrakt throws your way.

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