Home Music GunFight causes mayhem with mind-bending ‘Simulation’

GunFight causes mayhem with mind-bending ‘Simulation’

GunFight causes mayhem with mind-bending ‘Simulation’

Representing the sinister dystopian cyberpunk era, GunFight takes listeners into a new reality called “Simulation.” This relentless electro house track shakes you to the core with punching percussion, ear-crunching synths, and a bone-rattling bass.

The Austin, Texas-based rising producer has shaken the world up with his previous releases. And “Simulation” is absolutely no exception. The track initiates with a bitcrushed glitch that psychs the listener up. It only takes 30-seconds for this beast of a track to get down on all fours and lunge like a cat does on its prey. The heavily evident metallic synths and gushing mid-basses thrust forward like a spaceship taking off, and there’s certainly no stopping it or slowing it down.

GunFight flawlessly uses these heavy synths in parallel with maniacal basses and percussion. With his years of expertise and previous releases, it’s evident that GunFight clearly knows how to sling a gun. Enter this simulation carefully because it’s going to take you on one wild ride.

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