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GRAVEDGR goes ‘6 FEET UNDER’ in harsh new single on Heavyweight Records

Grab your shovels and get ready to dig with GRAVEDGR.

GRAVEDGR has always challenged the darkness within music. His latest single “6 FEET UNDER” on Heavyweight Records shatters yet another boundary. With his forthcoming debut album just around the corner, “6 FEET UNDER” starts telling the story from the perspective of someone with good intentions with evil repercussions.

“6 FEET UNDER” tells the story of how GRAVEDGR makes a confession to a series of murders in order to cleanse the world from evil. The heavily lyrical and abnormally distorted track gives GRAVEDGR the platform to repent for the harm that he has caused “bad people” while he asks for forgiveness for future transgressions. He struggles with this during his time of repentance due to his inner demons fighting him and holding him back.

The bolstering heat that GRAVEDGR heavily infuses into this track is plenty for cremation. However, the elements that the masked producer uses teases the heat and pulls away just before your flesh begins to melt away. The producer and DJ has brought this heat and his foundational dark music to festivals such as EDC Las Vegas and theaters like El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.

“6 FEET UNDER” marks his seventh release on Heavyweight Records, and it seems that there’s no end in sight for what the masked producer has in store. The hole he has started digging will continue to get deeper and deeper.


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