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Fyre Festival was never setup to become a success story

Fyre Festival founder, Billy McFarland, has been arrested again on separate fraudulent charges. The garbage dump festival was a total failure from the get-go. The festival left high-paying attendees stranded in the Bahamas. They were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Fyre Festival reportedly lost $26 million in an advertised “cultural experience of the decade.”

Additionally, McFarland’s phony companies include Spling, Magnises, and Fyre Media.

Billy McFarland was caught selling fake tickets… after he pled guilty in March

McFarland pled guilty to defrauding investors and vendors back in March. That didn’t stop him from doing illegal things. Sometimes people just don’t learn. The new charges brought against the 26-year-old business magnate claim that he was running a sketchy ticket business, after his guilty plea in March.

McFarland is currently awaiting his sentencing for his charges from March. In doing so, he sold nearly $100,000 in fraudulent tickets to various fashion, music, and sporting events. A few of these events include the Super Bowl, Grammys, Met Gala, and Coachella.

“In March of 2018, William McFarland pled guilty to defrauding investors and vendors of the Fyre Festival, but it is apparent that he did not stop there,” FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. said in a press release. “McFarland allegedly went on to sell fraudulent tickets to many grand events, totaling $100,000 and affecting 15 people. Today’s charges depict our intolerance for such fraudulent activity, and we will continue to diligently investigate acts such as this.”

McFarland has hopefully seen the demise of his ‘business’ career

As the legal process takes hold on McFarland, he’s hopefully going to see quite some time behind bars. It’s unfortunate that he continued to be a scam even after his guilty plea. He clearly hasn’t learned his lesson, either. We can only hope that McFarland’s “businesses” are done and up in flames like his festival for good.


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