Feed Me Yosie Little Space

Feed Me joins forces with Yosie for a luscious, power-packed progressive house track “Little Space.” This fiery track demands more space for the newly formed Night Mode, a subsidiary of Insomniac Music Group. “Little Space” marks Night Mode’s sophomore release.

Feed Me steps into the progressive house realm with this cunning new single with Yosie. The United Kingdom DJ and producer shows off his diverse production chops with angelic synths, moving deep basses, and pristine percussion. Yosie reassures the listener that you will be kept safe, and Feed Me backs that up with his uplifting and complementary production. “Little Space” has a huge deadmau5 feel to it, and the drop reinforces that.

Night Mode was founded by Twitch streamer Jericho and the Disciple Records manager Daniel. With the core mission of tying the dance music scene with the gaming community, Jericho and Daniel have a massive feat ahead of themselves. However, the cutting edge technology within video games and electronic music will make this integration much more seamless.

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