Fedde Le Grand The Gaming Beat

Fedde Le Grand and Kris Kiss have teamed up to share “The Gaming Beat” as a free download. This is Le Grand’s second free download for the BBIN and DJ Mag TGBCharity partnership. Le Grand’s first track was “You Life Me Up,” which is available on TGBCharity’s website.

This hard-hitting beat features a slew of house elements with a breakbeat rhythm. It’s certainly a track that will drive Le Grand to his download goal.

The Gaming Beat Charity was instantiated last month to go hand-in-hand with the FIFA World Cup. Additionally, Le Grand will share a total of three tracks as a free download. If the tracks garner a collective 1 million downloads, BBIN will make a $90,000 donation to the Top 100 DJs Foundation, which include Ocean Clean Up, Lymph & Co. and UNICEF, among others.

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