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Facebook Gaming has expanded its library of licensed music from major labels and publishers to its gamers and streamers.

The social media conglomerate announced the rollout of its music on Facebook Gaming last year. They have been testing it with their Partner Creators. They tested Partner Creators’ usage of music “of popular music in their streams without risk of takedowns,” reads the blog post. “We’ve learned a lot and made some improvements. And today, we’re excited to expand access to music to even more creators.”

With this new expansion creators on Facebook Gaming’s Partner and Level Up tiers will have the ability to play music in the background of their streams from hundreds of music labels, publishers, and societies. These include the major labels, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment.

Facebook Gaming added that the music isn’t pre-selected playlists. Creators can choose to play the music they want, when they want. This gives creators the most flexibility when streaming.

In addition to the array of new songs available to streamers, Facebook Gaming improved their background music detection. Music that is the primary focus of a stream, like for a radio show, is not allowed, while music being played in the background during a video game stream with voiceover is allowed.

It’s been a few years since Facebook struck deals with the major labels and publishers. Content creators across all platforms have struggled to use music–specifically from the major labels and publishers–without consequences. Creators have received copyright strikes on their channels and even had their accounts suspended due to inadequate licensing and music identification technology.

The three major labels and publishers still have a huge control over the music industry, and content creators take the hits. Facebook Gaming’s addition of more tracks from the controllers will alleviate strikes on creators’ accounts and have more access to a wider array of music.


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