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Dubstep icon Excision has let his fifth album, Onyx, out of its cage.

Released on his own Subsidia label, Onyx is a powerful album that stomps through numerous styles featuring collaborations with Dion Timmer, Kai Wachi, Sullivan King, Donna Tella, and more. He has dropped a number of the IDs at festivals like Lost Lands and Bass Canyon, and now fans can enjoy them in all of their high-fidelity glory.

He seamlessly blends a myriad of genres throughout the entire album. The metal influences jam through in “Our Fire” (with Sullivan King) and “Plague Doctor.” Excision doesn’t allow for any clear skies in tracks “Clockwork,” “Hypnosis,” and “Demisaur.”

In addition to the jaw-dropping and earth-shaking drops, Onyx showcases Excision’s emotional side. This can clearly be heard in “End of the World” with Dion Timmer and Donna Tella. Whilst the tracks begin with an eerie trickle, they erupt into sheer madness that blasts bass just for the headbangers. “Back to Life,” “Salvation,” and “Temporary Blue” are also nods to his sultry side.

The bone-crushing deep and illustrious peppered throughout Onyx make it one of his best pieces of work to date. Stream the album in full here.


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