Eptic Fresh & Blood EP Monstercat

Bass maestro Eptic has finally released his Fresh & Blood EP on Monstercat, which features the previously released moombahton single “Let It Go” with Dillon Francis.

The EP opens the curtain with “Power,” a stunning dubstep track that demolishes the walls of bass. It opens with an eerie arpeggio that continually builds alongside a pulsing atmosphere and melody. A grungy and disturbing vocal sample jumps in and reminds us that we’re playing with power, as if it’s not already obvious. It quickly and staunchly builds into a relentless metallic drop with swooning and ghost-like pitched synths. These come paired with a number of other impressive elements.

Eptic continues into a midtempo groove with “Violence.” An acid bass bounces around while distant percussion plays with your mind. As you continue to indulge in the inevitable, allow yourself to truly immerse within the Owl Vision-esque death electro sound. The basses are relentless; the percussion is retro; and the sound design is impeccable.

Eptic takes “Beyond The Stars” with the third track on this freaky EP. He takes a much more melodic approach to this piece. Distorted pads and organs flood this entire track, while the subtle arpeggios and airy vocals whisper in your ears. The bridge section brings you into the world of 8-bit video game music. He doesn’t take long to bring it back around with the sinister bass elements.

“Let It Go” with Dillon Francis begins with a much calmer and moodier tone than the previous tracks on the EP. A pitched vocal that repeats “you’re about to let it go” walks us into the brass samples and ultimately into the relentless moombahton drop that forces you to let it go. Personally, I’m a big fan of the filtered plucks that repeat before and after the drops. The third drop transitions into a trap style that doesn’t allow for much time to soak it in.

Going out “Undefeated,” Eptic polishes off this EP on an incredibly strong note. Pitched vocal samples transformed into lasers fill in the empty voids throughout the drop. Additionally, piercing metallic sounds pound on the door for added flavor. This final track on this sinister EP will surely leave you defeated, especially after the bass onslaught that you’ve been served from the previous tracks on the EP.

“I’m excited and proud to present this new EP to you all,” Eptic states in a press release. “The whole thing has been in the works for almost a year, and it’s the most blood, sweat, and tears I’ve ever put into the musical and visual aspect of a project. I’ve field-tested all of these songs out during my shows and made so many adjustments over time to make sure everything bangs in a live setting. There are a whole lot more new music and unexpected collaborations coming, paired with a brand new merch line as well. This is the most excited I’ve been in my career so far, and I hope you are too.”

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