Home Music Empyre One goes hardstyle with infectious single ‘Angeline’

Empyre One goes hardstyle with infectious single ‘Angeline’

Empyre One goes hardstyle with infectious single ‘Angeline’

German hands-up producer, DJ, and pioneer Empyre One has released his latest hardstyle single “Angeline” on GlobalAirbeatz.

“Angeline” opens with an angelic pad and piano chords. The energetic vocals come in after a powerful brief introduction. Empyre One throws in one of his signature memorable melodies to ramp up the energy even more. This layered melody features gliding synths, ear-piercing high frequencies, and a solid dose of reverb to create an undeniable ambience. The pitched hardstyle kicks wipe out any ambiguity and glue this entire production together. They have just the right amount of low-end to give listeners a good punch in the gut.

Empyre One has taken a different route in his sound in the past few years or so. His style has ranged from progressive house to hardstyle on tracks like “Música del Sol,” “Next World,” and “My Radio.”

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