Elohim shares new track ‘Buckets’ co-produced by Skrillex

'Buckets' comes right after their collaboration on 'Connect.'

Coming in after their “Connect” collaboration last month, Skrillex and Elohim have returned with an equally as colossal original, “Buckets.”  

A wild flute melody opens the lid on this bucket, just before Elohim’s signature gritty and edgy vocals jump free. The heavily distorted bass furthers Elohim’s eloquent vocal melodies. Skrillex takes hold with his production, but allows for Elohim’s sound to truly stand out. 

The name “Elohim” is the word for “God” in Hebrew. The Los Angeles, California-based songwriter and producer stated that the name moved her “in a really a deep way.” It also brought her “strength, solace, beauty, and confidence.” Elohim started writing music and playing piano at the age of five. 

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