Home News Elk Live provides creatives a near-zero latency solution for remote collaboration

Elk Live provides creatives a near-zero latency solution for remote collaboration

Elk Live provides creatives a near-zero latency solution for remote collaboration

Elk Audio has announced its Elk Live Remote Collaboration music service, allowing musicians to collaborate in real time remotely.

Formerly Aloha by Elk, Elk Live is a plug-and-play solution that includes Bridge, a high performance audio network hub. These tools also have built in video chat will allow users to monitor the controls and provide a near-studio experience.

“The dream to connect artists and instruments across geographical boundaries and borders in the world of music has always been there, but it was not achievable until today,” says Michele Benincaso, founder and director, Elk Audio, in a press release. “Elk LIVE brings music into the hyper-connected world, allowing us to be more spontaneous and engage with one another when creativity strikes, regardless of where we are. It offers an unrivaled, immersive experience that compliments the moments when we do play together in person.”

Elk Live rids the constraints of physical location and time and provides creatives an immediate solution for collaboration and remote creativity. Benincaso adds, “This new conduit for remote creative flow allows us to approach collaboration in a more sustainable way while freeing us to step further outside boundaries and connect with artists to explore entirely new music genres.”

The program provides a number of features, including an onboard mixer, to assist in the transition from in-person to remote sessions. Elk Live has a number of additional features, including:

  • 2-5 Player Sessions: Elk LIVE lets you connect up to five people within a 620 mile / 1000 km radius and play like you’re in the same room
  • Mixer: The onboard mixer gives you total control of the Elk LIVE Bridge and lets you send two channels of audio and receive the same from each player
  • Video Chat: Visually connect with each other to see important queues and communications
  • Web App: No installation needed. Join your Elk LIVE sessions from the device of your choice
  • Unique Perception Tools: Elk’s proprietary Perceived Latency Compensation tools allow users to manipulate physics and play over even longer distances

Elk Bridge utilizes onboard A/D and D/A converters and connects to the internet via a standard router. This translates to pristine studio quality audio. If there’s an important performance that is critical of audio quality, Elk Bridge has the option to connect external high-end studio converters and record digitally for 100% lossless quality.

Elk LIVE Bridge ipad2

“You can easily connect your microphone and instrument and have that ultra low-latency experience you need for a great music experience thanks to the Elk Audio OS,” states Benincaso.

Elk Live Audio Flow for Internet

The Elk Live smart app retails for $15.99/month (excluding tax). Elk Live Bridge retails for $399 (tax excluded). If you want to learn more about Elk Live, head to their website. They’ll have a global rollout in Q1, 2022 for Elk Live.


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