Ekali has released the sixth volume of his “Awakening” mix. 

Vancouver-based electronic artist Ekali has opened the eyes of his fans across the globe. His release of Crystal Eyes EP that features collaborations with Medasin, K. Flay, Yuna, and more was a true sonic journey. Additionally, Ekali had the most intensive touring schedule to date over the past year. 

The “Awakening” Vol. 6 mix is a roller coaster ride through light and dark. You’ll hear a myriad of melodic pieces as well as dark pieces. Furthermore, the young producer keeps it all blended perfectly so you don’t get any sudden surprises. 

Ekali is loved and known for bringing artists that are deserving of the spotlight to the spotlight. Artists know what it’s like to work hard and not be recognized, but he changes that. Through utilizing the “Awakening” mix series, the artist, producer, and DJ showcases his own new music and collaboration while shedding light on up-and-comers.

In addition to supporting the burgeoning producers, DJs, and musicians, he continues to build relationships with them and nurture them into everlasting friendships who then share the stage with him.

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