Deep house pioneer Maurizio Colella, best known as his stage name EDX, has taken the stage once again on Spinnin’ Records with a deep track called “Stay.”

The Grammy-nominated producer opens the track with the “boots and cats” percussion rhythm. Shortly after the track gets started, an impressive vocal invites you to stay. Subtle synth pads pulse and automate with the groove to further enhance the emotion while you stick around. EDX’s signature mid-bass also builds with the track as the chord progression continually restarts to build into the vi chord. Allow the simplicity in the chord progression sweep you off your feet and onto to the dance floor.

EDX was also nominated in 2019 for the Best Remixed Recording for his Dubai Skyline remix of Charlie Puth’s smash hit “How Long.” If there’s any sign that EDX is here to stay, then this is the hint.

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