EDC Las Vegas

The second night of EDC Las Vegas really blew through. A surprise set from Skrillex, numerous sporadic sets at the art cars, and much more. The icing on top was the high winds, which prevented the pyrotechnics at a few of the stages. Additionally, a few stages had to shut down.

Kaskade’s set on KineticField was shut down. QuantumValley was also shut down.

Messages displayed on the stages confused some headliners. “Due to high winds, we need to evacuate the venue. Please walk calmly to the nearest exit. Event staff will guide you. Please find shelter in [your] car, or in any available indoor space. Thank you.”

This incorrect wording on the KineticField board confused and frustrated headliners.

Many headliners were able to see Kaskade on the mainstage after the winds died down, but not all headliners were as fortunate. A few went back to their hotels because the wording on the stage said “venue,” not “stage.”

Not all was bad, though. Day three had people in awe as the final day rolled through and turned out to be “one of the best weekends of [their] life.”


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