Home Music East Forest calms us with blissful ‘CAIRN’ album

East Forest calms us with blissful ‘CAIRN’ album

East Forest calms us with blissful ‘CAIRN’ album

Trevor Oswalt is the creative mastermind behind the ethereal, experimental East Forest moniker. In collaboration with Keith Sweaty, East Forest has composed a beautiful, blissful album called CAIRN. It’s filled with beat-driven tracks, analog synths, remarkable acoustic piano, and cunning vocals and lyrics.

Oswalt’s East Forest project has been bragged about by NPRWired, and The Untz. Furthermore, he’s been invited to the TEDx podium to speak and share his wisdom on how music has the ability to alter consciousness and the proponents of sound healing and plant-based medicine.

Oswalt’s inspiration for CAIRN came after a long relationship breakup, which left Oswalt in an extremely unprecedented emotional status. The best music is often times written when we observe and experience our emotionally difficult moments. CAIRN has allowed Oswalt to open his heart and share with us the true beauty we can experience when going through difficult times.

The cunning album features a handful of musical talents, including Brad Lee, Anna Fritz, Thacher Schmid, Lorna Krier, and many others.

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