DVDDY Andrew Wells Self Love Self Harm BVLVNCE Remix

DVDDY & Andrew Wells‘ “Self Love / Self Harm” was released earlier this year on Steele Dream Records, and now it’s garnered two remixes: One from bass up-and-comer BVLVNCE and another from Thundrful. BVLVNCE really takes this track to new heights with his dubstep take on the original.

BVLVNCE certainly is no stranger to heavy bass music. And this remix certainly furthers his stamp in this scene. He opens the track with a low-pass filter and DVDDY’s vocals. Stuttering effects are sprinkled throughout and are quickly overtaken by screaming vocals. He allows for the track to natively build itself up and unleash into a dubstep mayhem. Don’t let the subtle build-up with filtered pads and simple guitar plucks fool you. Sliding basses and talking Skrillex-esque sound design forge this into a heavyweight remix.

“Self Love / Self Harm” is about the importance of mental health education, which is something that is so vital to the music industry. Transparency and communication on this subject should be one we completely destigmatize.


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