Home Music Dropgun & Asketa (ft. Jessame) – ‘My Way’ [Enhanced Music]

Dropgun & Asketa (ft. Jessame) – ‘My Way’ [Enhanced Music]

Dropgun & Asketa (ft. Jessame) – ‘My Way’ [Enhanced Music]

Dropgun, Asketa, and Jessame have joined forces for a remarkable future house track titled “My Way.” The release is out now on Enhanced Music and is Dropgun’s first original track on the iconic label.

He’s a Russian electronic music duo first made themselves known to the Enhanced Music label when each of them made a killer remix of BRKLYN and Jocelyn Alice’s “I’m on Somethin’.”

“My Way” blends Dropgun’s innovative and glitchy melodies with Asketa’s clean-cut and crisp production talents, while Jessame’s vocals carry a specific energy throughout. The track begins with emotional electric pianos and a catchy percussion. It then transitions into a high energy build-up with Dropgun’s epic melodies that wander all around the frequency spectrum, allowing for subtle pauses and moments of silence to enhance the impact of the melody.

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