German bass duo Donkong are hot off the heels of their Invaders EP earlier this summer. Last year, their No Boy EP, which was released last year, also received praise. Their music has garnered support from industry heavyweights like Major Lazer, UZ, Martin Garrix, and more. Now, adding some twang to their discography is “Plang,” a fun and experimental track that feature Ka Next Level on RNFR Recordings.

“Plang” doesn’t conform to any specific genre, which was Donkong’s intention. Ka Next Level’s vocals add an impressive dancehall vibe to the piece, while Donkong’s cultural Caribbean percussion rhythms glue the track together. “Plang” is one of the duo’s most organic pieces to date, and it’s the twang in the plang that makes it rightfully so.

“What happens if you place a microphone six feet away and start making percussion
loops with all the stuff you have laying around in this room? Rhythm,” states Donkong. “[Rhythm is] one of the most important aspects of dance music. We will never reproduce the magic timing of this record. It is as original as it can get.”

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