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Don Pepijn Schipper (also known as Don Diablo) is one of the electronic music industry’s most iconic and unique DJs and producers out there. In 2017, Don Diablo was ranked No. 11 on DJ Magazine‘s Top 100 DJs. He was also ranked No. 1 on Beatport’s Future House Artist of the Year in 2016. His unprecedented style, brand, and energetic tracks are built from the ground up with emotion, fun, and festival ready.

Diablo paired up with ARIZONA on “Take Her Place” originally, and now he brought back the slamming, signature Diablo piano drop with a club-ready four-on-the-floor rhythm with a VIP mix. Subtly beginning, Diablo introduces pads, ARIZONA vocals, and piano. The Dutch DJ and future house producer is known for his vocal chops during the drop that pair wonderfully with his chosen electronic elements, and this VIP mix won’t disappoint.

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SoundCloud | Spotify | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website


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