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Don Diablo continues to pave the way for future house music. The Netherland-born Dutch DJ and electronic house music prodigy never ceases to please fans with club ready anthems. Now he’s released “You Can’t Change Me” via his very own Hexagon label.

“You Can’t Change Me” continues with Diablo’s signature percussion and bass line but concedes to some new vocal effects and moods. The drop, rather than his go-to high-energy wavy synths or driving mid-bass synth, Diablo introduces a busy arpeggio that continues the energy during the drop. Hidden underneath that layer of arpeggiation is Diablo’s signature house piano that pulsates with the bass line to further the impact of the energetic drop Don Diablo is recognized for.

Don Pepijn Schipper (also known as Don Diablo) is one of the electronic music industry’s most iconic and unique DJs and producers out there. In 2017, Don Diablo was ranked No. 11 on DJ Magazine‘s Top 100 DJs. He was also ranked No. 1 on Beatport‘s Future House Artist of the Year in 2016. His unprecedented style, brand, and energetic tracks are built from the ground up with emotion, fun, and festival ready.

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