DJ Gollum Shinzo I Wanna Be A Hippie Global Airbeatz

German DJ, producer, and Global Airbeatz CEO, DJ Gollum, has tagged Shinzo for a high energy hands up track “I Wanna Be a Hippie.” The track was released as an EP with remixes from artists like Phillerz, Neytram, Outforce, and more.

The ferociously powerful and fueling album is chock-full of other remixes, but DJ Gollum and Shinzo lay out a version that’s hard to match. The edgy vocals and their unique effects, specifically the quick-panning ones prior to the second drop, are signature to DJ Gollum’s style. The mixing and mastering of this track is pushed to its limits, making for minimal dynamics and squeezing every once of energy in each instrument sample.

The melody used for this track is one of my favorite hands up melodies. The layered synth part features a myriad of elements, including a stadium-like reverb effect to furiously grasp your attention when it hits. This entire track and melody would drive any hands up lover in the club wild.

This track is also listed on EDM In A Soda‘s 76 best hands up and hard dance songs ever released list.

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