Danny Suko DJ Gollum Make Me Believe Global Airbeatz

Global Airbeatz head DJ Gollum, real name Lars Böge, has teamed up with Danny Suko for gnarly house track called “Make Me Believe” on Global Airbeatz. The release comes with remixes from SHINZO, Gordon & Doyle, DJMNS, Harlie & Charper, and X-Cess! Music.

The original house track of “Make Me Believe” is a beautiful anthem with a stunning vocal that carries the track through to the very last beat. The stabbing piano chords are reminiscent of a strong future house piece, and DJ Gollum and Danny Suko leveridge the punching kick drum to superbly sit below the topline, synths, and basses.

But the beauty in this piece lies in the hands up version and the remixes. This version feels much fuller, and the vocal sits much better. The melody is incredible just like every other DJ Gollum melody. SHINZO’s hardstyle remix is a splendid addition to this collection as well, as it brings a unique energy without going too far.

Gordon & Doyle’s commercial house take on the track plays with the chord progression and melody, dragging out the original chords so they don’t bounce around so much. Don’t let that subtlety fool you during the drop. The pristine melody is just as infectious as the others.

Lastly, DJMNS, Harlie & Charper, and X-Cess! go in on their remixes. Each of them are packed with an unmatched energy that will stand strong in any club and on any dance floor.

Last year, DJ Gollum and SHINZO teamed up for a high octane hands up track called “I Wanna Be a Hippie.” Both “Make Me Believe” and “I Wanna Be a Hippie” are listed on EDM In A Soda‘s best hands up and hard dance songs ever released list.

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