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DJ Encore, the producer and songwriter for early ’00s dance classic “I See Right Through to You,” is back after 15 long years.

“Walking in the Sky” is a remake from his 2001 album, Intuition, and this new version tags FSDW to supply a psytrance style to it. The vocals are from Engelina, who was also the vocalist in the hit single “I See Right Through to You,” so the production and vocal performance pair superbly together.

DJ Encore and FSDW build out a tight production while utilizing spacious reverbs on Engelina’s vocals. Pair that with the warm and luscious pads and it feels like you’re truly walking in the sky. As you drift away, you’re greeted with a complementary synth melody that gently pushes your mind to drift where it pleases.

Andreas Hemmeth, better known as DJ Encore, is a Danish dance music producer best known for his and Engelina’s hit single, “I See Right Through to You.” The track gained popularity after it was used as a soundtrack for Big Brother, a Dutch reality competition. His songs have topped the charts in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and United States, among others. A catapulting success for DJ Encore’s career was a first place on the American Billboard charts for a remix of American artist RES’ “They Say Vision.”

Hemmeth has also climbed atop the charts in the UK for two remixes of LeAnn Rimes and Frou Frou.

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