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DistroKid launches feature-rich mobile app for iPhone

DistroKid launches feature-rich mobile app for iPhone
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DistroKid, one of the most popular independent music distribution services, has launched its very own mobile application for iPhone.

With the endless stream of music creation tools for creatives, the need to make music distribution more accessible has become necessary. More creatives are using their mobile devices to create music and other forms of art, so DistroKid decided to meet the artists where they’re at: Their phones.

“The number one request we’ve gotten from DistroKid members is a dedicated mobile app,” Matthew Ogle, DistroKid’s VP of Product, said in a press release shared with EDM In a Soda. “With music consumption, promotion, and increasingly even music creation happening predominately on mobile, we are meeting artists where they’re at, on their phones.”

The New York, NY-based company distributes 30-40% of the new music released around the world. One artist who has worked closely with the mobile app’s rollout is British R&B singer Xadi. They have been using DistroKid’s services for a couple of years and applauded the ease of use of the app while relieving the pressure of distributing music.

“The experience was incredibly easy and user-friendly,” Xadi added. “I’ve been uploading music through the DistroKid website for a couple of years now, and the app felt so familiar and easy to use. Being able to upload my songs when I’m not at home will be a game changer for me especially when there is some time pressure for me to get my music distributed.”

While DistroKid is known for its music distribution services, they offer a plethora of other services, too. Earlier this year, they launched “Mixea,” an AI-powered instant mastering service. AI mastering likely won’t replace the emotion and energy a human can bring to a mix, but for musicians on a budget and low on resources, Mixea can give artists a high-quality mix quickly.

Prior to Mixea, DistroKid announced DistroVid, a music video distribution service that allows musicians to get their music videos to Apple Music, TIDAL, and Vevo. Furthermore, they have more than 20 other free tools for musicians to use to promote their music and brand.


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