Dirty Audio Take Control Bassrush Records

Dubstep heavy hitter Dirty Audio has returned to Bassrush Records with a reckless 3-track EP called Take Control.

After making a head turning return to Bassrush Records on “No Stoppin'” with rapper GOLD, Dirty Audio cleared a path for Take Control. The title track “Take Control” and “Tell Me” spotlight the dubstep and trap maven’s roots while fusing them with modern day sounds and techniques.

The drop in “No Stoppin'” will rattle your socks off while the hi-hats fire off like a machine gun and GOLD’s vocals are equally as quick. “Take Control” is much more trippy in the verses and build-ups, but the drops feature a screeching metallic synth that glides around like a skater on ice. “Tell Me” taps into the midtempo roots with a heavy REZZ sound going on. Dirty Audio’s innate ability to effortlessly draw sharp contrast between each section of every song is beyond spectacular.

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