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Following up with his track “Obsessions” and forthcoming sophomore EP Obsessions, Dillon Nathaniel partners up with Jack Beats for a heavyweight bass house track on Big Beat Records called “Mind Sensation.”

This sinister collaboration takes bass house and all of its pile-driving elements to an entirely new level. Beginning with an eerie pad and four-on-the-floor groove, “Mind Sensation” immediately begins numbing your mind. The scattered percussion is sparingly placed through the piece, while Jack Beats brings their signature deep basses to dominate this entire track.

“Jack Beats was one of the first electro/fidget house artists I got into back when I was 15 years old,” says Dillon Nathaniel. “Their song ‘Out Of Body‘ was the first of that genre I could remember listening to. This sound shaped the way I heard house music, so I am so honored to put out this record with them. ‘Mind Sensation’ harnesses the old vibe from 2010 with a modern tech approach. This one has been creating those big moments in both of our sets.”

And the record does just that. With that hard-hitting groove and edgy percussion, “Mind Sensation” is sure to force any house and dance music lover onto their feet. It allows for maximum exposure and punch as the track jumps in head first.

“I think we probably met at a night bass in LA, via AC few years back and now I always loved Dillon’s sound,” states Jack Beats in a press release. “We’ve hung out loads through the years at shows and eventually had 2 projects that we were bouncing between each other. All collars for me are just natural, nothing forced, and come together when the timings are right…so earlier this year I went down to Dillon’s in OC and we spent a day in the lab working and finishing on ‘Mind Sensation’ together.”

With Dillon’s sound continuing to grow, he originally discovered his modern sound at a young age. His father took him to EDC when he was 16 with hopes to instill a passion for dance music. He originally dealt with audio manipulation and production as a bass technician, so his transition into the electronic music industry has been as smooth as butter. Furthermore, Dillon Nathaniel is a graduate of the iconic Icon Collective in Los Angeles.

Since his launch into the electronic music scene, Dillon Nathaniel’s one-of-a-kind strategy to bass sound design has caught the ears of many pioneers in the scene, including A-Track, AC Slater, Destructo, Chris Lake, Malaa, and Tchami.

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