Dillon Francis TV Noise STMPD RCRDS Festivals EP

Festivals aren’t here, but Dillon Francis and TV Noise have dropped a two-track EP on STMD RCRDS for when they return.

With festivals coming to a halt and hopes of them returning in the fall of next year, Dillon Francis and TV Noise have saved the day with some inspiring tunes on STMPD RCRDS. This two-track EP is a bit comical, especially in title names, in a sense that EDM funny guy Dillon Francis was part of it.

The EP, hilariously titled Festival Bangers For When Festivals Start Again Because There Are No Festivals, is exactly that: a few festival bangers for when festivals return.

The first track, “Booty Bust,” is a high octane trap and moombahton track that builds incredibly quick and unleashes into an absolute booty bouncing mayhem. It finishes out strong with whining synths that powerfully take down any doubts in this not actually being a “festival banger.”

“3 Drops Who Cares” is the second piece in this fiery EP, and it’s equally as playful. The beginning is a bit darker than “Booty Bust,” and it builds with a very eerie pitching synth. The drops unravel into a relentless mind-boggle that will surely rattle your speakers and headphones. There are heavy signature TV Noise sounds sprinkled throughout in this piece.

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