Defunk Awaken Westood Recordings

You certainly won’t want to walk alone with Defunk‘s newest track on Westwood Recordings. This fiery midtempo track grabs your hand and guides you through a bass mayhem.

“Alone” pulls the drawstring with an ambient and eerie staccato pluck. Around 20-seconds in, Defunk introduces a deep bass and edgy vocals. They swiftly draw up a percussive onslaught and unleash into what seems is going to be a dubstep drop. The four-on-the-floor midtempo sound quickly introduces itself with a swish of mid-basses and filtered bass stabs. The deep kick and bottomless sub bass ground themselves and could pulverize any dance floor.

Hailing from Calgary, Canada, Defunk has certainly put a contrasting sound on bass music. His unmatched attention to detail when blending genres like funk, jazz, and blues into heavy bass music don’t go unnoticed. And they’ve allowed for him to become a standout bass music producer in the scene. This attention to detail will continue to allow Defunk to grow from a burgeoning performer to becoming a household name in bass music.

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