Deathpact Cipher One

Since the release of their track “Piston,” mysterious producer Deathpact has raised some eyebrows. They also collaborated with the Space Mom Rezz on “Life & Death” from her Certain Kind of Magic album. Their sound is very concerning and completely surprising with the diversifying sound design. Cipher One is chock-full of sonic surprises, so dive in carefully.

Revving up the engine is the two-second “Delightful Introduction.” “Danger” is the second piece, and it’s filled with distorted synths. While the storm rages on in the background, Deathpact drives the four-on-the-floor rhythm with heavily compressed percussive elements. The minimalistic transitions create an uneasy atmosphere between each drop.

“First Interference” transitions this EP into an intercepting sound that you’d never expect, while the aforementioned “Piston” gets going faster and faster with an endless stream of energy. “Circadian” polishes off the EP with a heavy industrial sound and stretched out samples that elongate the duration of the sonic timeline.

Deathpact may be mysterious, but they are certainly making a name for themselves very quickly. If they continue unleashing music like this they’ll quickly become a household name within the electronic music scene.

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