Deadmau5 Rock in Rio Madrid Spain
By Carlos Delgado, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin are leveling up their PIXELYNX Metaverse.

The legendary dance music producers’ PIXELYNX received a $4.5 million funding round by Animoca Brands. According to Music Business Worldwide, The company says that it is “driving digital property rights via NFTs and gaming to help build the open metaverse.” Additional investors included SevenX, Sfermion, Alumni Ventures’ Blockchain Fund, Solana Ventures, Alameda Research, Hyperedge Capital, and Republic Realm.

The goal of PIXELYNX is to “transform the way artists connect and engage with their fans through gaming experiences.” This platform aims to revolution and lead the way in the Metaverse and create “a new virtual world ecosystem that makes it easy for music artists to launch their own interactive environment through NFTs, playable experiences, and virtual performances.” This universe within the digital realm will also provide creators the freedom to monetize these experiences.

“Fueled by the ingenuity and creativity of Richie and Joel, PIXELYNX helps artists create their own immersive worlds that can be used to build community, release music, playable NFTs, and launch forward-thinking blockchain strategies,” says co-founder of PIXELYNX Inder Phull.

The company recently announced that it would be using Pokemon GO creator Niantic’s Lightship Platform and the Augmented Reality Developer Kit (ARDK) to develop a mobile application of PIXELYNX.


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