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The Prototypes and TC released “Species” back in 2018 during the week of EDC Las Vegas. Since then, the species have evolved, and DC Breaks certainly aides in the evolution on this fiery drum and bass remix.

Out now on Bassrush Records, DC Breaks takes the listener on one wild ride through evolutionary history. “Species” opens with an atmospheric element with dark vocoded vocals on top. An arpeggio quickly takes hold and builds into the maniacal drop. DC Breaks doesn’t take much time to introduce a flood of mid-basses and an onslaught of percussion. The slithering basses, synths, and percussion move effortlessly into the drop that brings about a grueling sound and carries the listener to the finish line. After the first drop, DC Breaks slows things down a bit. Don’t let this fool you, though. He picks it back up and catapults you back into the second drop.

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