DANEL Roye For Now

Burgeoning future house producer DANÊL teams up with vocalist Roye for a riveting club tune called “For You” that is sure to set fire to any club and festival it’s played out at (when they return).

The track begins with a deep bass underneath Roye’s powerful vocals. DANÊL quickly introduces piano and a few snaps to build the track up into the melodic and catchy drop where the melody slithers around like a snake with the vocal chops. The track maintains this shivering energy until the very last drop, and it’s even more incredible to see that DANÊL is only 20-years-old.

“[‘For Now’] started with a basic future house idea that I sent to Roye and I asked if he could deliver me some vocals for the song,” says DANÊL, the Finland-based producer. “I then ended up re-writing basically the whole track after Roye had sent me amazing vocals with glorious harmonies and doubles. Our goal was to make this track as good as we could so we polished every single detail to the best of our knowledge to make ‘For Now’ ready to dominate Spotify charts!”

Don’t just be ready right now. Be ready whenever you hit play on this track because it’s going to make you want to get up on your feet.

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