Home Music Dafuqex unravels a heavyweight dubstep tune called ‘Melt’

Dafuqex unravels a heavyweight dubstep tune called ‘Melt’

Dafuqex unravels a heavyweight dubstep tune called ‘Melt’

Dafuqex, whose real name is Josh Nelson, is an upcoming dubstep producer from Calgary, Canada. His newest monstrosity is “Melt,” and the track is sure to do just that to your ear drums.

“Melt” is a hugely aggressive dubstep track, and it’s evident during the sinister drops. Once it gets going it’s hard for it to let up. Like water placed in a freezer, the hardening begins almost immediately. It starts off slowly with an eerie distant atmosphere and plucks. Dafuqex keeps things mellow until he builds the track up. The temperature quickly gets turned down, and the water quickly becomes ice cold and hard. Frozen solid, a shiver is sent down your spine as the temperature quickly drops. Dafuqex continues to ravage through with talking basses, relentless percussion, and a ramming take on the ruthless sound design.

Keep yourself distanced as Dafuqex unravels this beast into the bass bomb that it is. As it continues to freeze your soul, it will also melt you at the same time, which creates a massive disparity and pleasure all at the same time.

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