Home Music Dada Life comes in hot with ‘Our Nation’ album

Dada Life comes in hot with ‘Our Nation’ album

Dada Life comes in hot with ‘Our Nation’ album

Swedish duo consisting of Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom, Dada Life, comes in hot with a perfectly crafted 12-track album titled Our Nation. The electro house duo was quiet during 2017, and now we know why.

The album is superbly crafted with impressive lyrics, the classic Dada Life sound, and remarkably clean effects and transitions. Our Nation gets going with an impressive orchestral opening and transitions into anthemic electro house. Peppered throughout you’ll hear something quite different, like the acid house “Higher Than the Sun.”

Without a doubt, the Swedish duo have continued to deliver innovative music. Their latest album, Our Nation, is proof of that. Indulge within classic electro house sound by the Swedish duo with beautiful melodies, nostalgic chord progressions, and infectious lyrics.

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