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Conrank returns shortly after his heated Distorted Method EP. The EP saw heavy support from artists like Bassnectar, Liquid Stranger, Doctor P, Space Jesus, and more. Conrank’s latest release on Circus Records, “Blast,” showcases the producer’s impressive sound design skills and talents.

Glitchy, chock-full of effects, and a moombahton vocal shouting “blast,” “Blast” is surely going to launch you out of your seat. The drop moves into subtlety with a deep bass, screeching synth, and minimal percussive elements. While the piece isn’t sonically chaotic, it’s minimalistically chaotic. Prepare yourself before you hit the play button on this one.

Conrank blew the EDC Las Vegas crowd away with his debut set. He’s currently touring China and has spent an insurmountable amount of time in the studio to cook up new pieces for us. With seven years in the electronic music scene under his belt, Conrank will continue to ravage his own path for years to come.

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