Chong the Nomad Ghosts in the Shower

Chong the Nomad has already built a name for herself by performing alongside industry heavyweights like Bassnectar and Cashmere Cat. Her latest innovative and experimental piece is dubbed “Ghosts in the Shower.” This hot new single bends the boundaries of what electronic music is and can be.

“Ghosts in the Shower” was written after Chong the Nomad returned home from work and had a hazy encounter with a ghost in her bathroom. The piece lacks a specific song structure, but Chong the Nomad prides herself on extreme experimentation and boundless journeys through audio and music. The cartoon-styled track has a very retro feel and feels as though it should be placed in a 1960s cartoon show. The track’s simplistic lyrics and vocals paired with the distorted kick and playful arpeggiated sounds makes “Ghosts in the Shower” one of Chong the Nomad’s most inventive pieces yet.

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