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Techno pioneer Charlotte de Witte has released “High Street,” the ferocious lead single from her forthcoming EP Overdrive.

de Witte enlists a slamming tonal kick to edge us into a dark, expeditious journey. We’re then treated with a barrage of slicing percussive elements and pitched sweeps that precede an alien-like atmosphere. Breakneck vocals are omnipresent and pair perfectly with chaotic percussion and synths.

“‘High Street’ is a fast-paced track that breathes energy of the streets on a vibrant Friday night,” de Witte said in a press release shared with EDM In a Soda. “It creates a thrilling and invigorating atmosphere, setting the tone for an exciting night ahead. It is a blurring tune that unconsciously pulls you into the late night.”

Charlotte de Witte – High Street (Original Mix) via YouTube

This lead single marks the first track from de Witte’s Overdrive campaign. It’s also the first single release on her KNTXT label, marking another historic moment. The rapid, edgy, and thunderous theme heard throughout “High Street” lays a firm foundation for what’s to come.

“‘High Street’ is just the beginning of the Overdrive Campaign, a whirring journey lies ahead, and ‘High Street’ is just a taste of it,” adds de Witte. “We can’t wait for what’s next.”

The super-producer is set to perform two shows at the Brooklyn Mirage in New York on Thursday, May 18, and Friday, May 19. She’ll be performing an extended set. Chris Liebing, Henry Brooks will be going back-to-back with Hiroko Yamamura. Learn more and purchase tickets here.

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