Saturday, June 19, 2021
Tesla Trax Model 3

Tesla’s new Trax application allows owners to make music in their vehicles

United States-based automotive company Tesla pushed an exciting holiday update that implemented further Full Self Driving improvements and a music making software called Trax,...

Mixcloud announces premium subscription, caps its free listening

Mixcloud was founded in 2009 with the goal to grow an DJ mixes, radio shows, and podcasts. The platform has done just that, but...
Spotify Soundtrap

Spotify-owned Soundtrap makes paid feature of unlimited storage free

After Spotify purchased Soundtrap, an online music-making software, in 2017, it quickly setoff ideas that Sweden-based streaming service has alternative strategies planned out. The...
Pioneer CDJ Transparent Virgil Abloh

Pioneer DJ show clear CDJs at Figures Of Speech exhibition in Chicago

Designed by Virgil Abloh, Pioneer DJ has revealed a see-through set of CDJs that will be exhibited at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art from...
Digital Audio Workstation DAW Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 update allocates more computing power for plugins in DAWs

Windows 10's latest update could have a huge impact on DAW users. Microsoft explained that the update heightens the FLS (Fiber Local Storage) slot...
Amazon Echo Alexa Apple Music

Amazon announces partnership with Apple Music for Echo speakers

Apple Music certainly isn't perfect, but it's favored by many as their preferred streaming service. The streaming service launched on Android last year and...
Ableton Live 10 Probability Pack

Ableton announces free Singularities vintage synth sample pack for Live 10 owners

If you're an Ableton Live 10 user, sink your teeth in and get your arpeggios ready for a free vintage synth sample pack, Singularities. Singularities...
SoundCloud Serato DJ

DJs can now play SoundCloud tracks with Serato DJ software

DJs now have access to SoundCloud's diverse music library through Serato DJ's software.  "We're excited to introduce our first DJ performance software integration with Serato,...

SoundCloud makes it easier for DJs to mix new music

In an effort to make it easier for DJs to place new music within their mixes, SoundCloud has announced that SoundCloud Go+, which costs...
Spotify login iPhone on desk

Spotify & Samsung create partnership to ‘deliver personalized music to consumers around the world’

The streaming wars continue with huge partnership between Spotify and Samsung Spotify and Apple Music have been upping their ante within the streaming war. With...

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