Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Want to game Spotify’s algorithm? Cough up your royalties

Spotify is testing a feature that allows artists and labels to recommend their tracks in the algorithm to be heard by more listeners--for a...

8tracks is officially shut down

After 11 years of operation, music streaming platform 8tracks has officially closed its doors. The company closed down on December 31, 2019. The company struggled...
Spotify Soundtrack your Ride

Spotify releases Soundtrack your Ride, an algorithmic playlist curation tool for your road trips

If you're headed on a long road trip and need the perfect playlist to jam to, Spotify's new Soundtrack your Ride may be the...
Apple Music Web Application

Apple Music launches beta web application for subscribers

Apple has launched a beta version of its Apple Music subscription service via the web. This web application allows for subscribers to use the...

SoundCloud offers student pricing, joins Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, more

The company joined Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, and more by offering student discounts. Users have been asking for the student...
SoundCloud Premier

SoundCloud Premier allows users to distribute to Apple Music, Spotify, more

Digital service providers like Spotify have worked diligently to make music distribution easier for artists and musicians. Now, SoundCloud Premier is allowing its Pro...

SoundCloud makes it easier for DJs to mix new music

In an effort to make it easier for DJs to place new music within their mixes, SoundCloud has announced that SoundCloud Go+, which costs...
Sirius XM Radio

Sirius XM acquires Pandora for $3.5 billion in stock

Announced on Monday, Sirius XM will take Pandora under its wing in an all-stock purchase for $3.5 billion. This makes Sirius XM the world's...
Spotify iPhone Logo Headphones

Spotify kicks music aggregators to the curb with direct upload

Spotify is disrupting the modern day digital distribution methodology The music industry is continually changing and evolving, especially with technologies. Sweden-based Spotify has went into...

SoundCloud stats now count towards charting in UK–but there’s a catch

With SoundCloud being one of the go-to streaming platforms for consumers. It's also the go-to platform for burgeoning artists to blow up. Artists like...

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