Saturday, May 8, 2021
Virtual Riot Everyday Yosie

Virtual Riot – ‘Everyday’ (ft. Yosie) [VIP]

Virtual Riot goes out with a bang for 2017 after a widely successful year. He just unveiled his VIP mix of his track "Everyday,"...
Ableton Live 10 Probability Pack

Ableton announces free Singularities vintage synth sample pack for Live 10 owners

If you're an Ableton Live 10 user, sink your teeth in and get your arpeggios ready for a free vintage synth sample pack, Singularities. Singularities...

Prismo gives Skrillex and Nero’s ‘Promises’ remix treatment

The collaboration between Skrillex and Nero for the smash hit "Promises" is a staple in modern dance music. It's received its fair share of...
Childish Gambino Donald Glover

Matroda gives Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ slamming remix

Childish Gambino's "This Is America" music video took the world by storm with its eye-opening realization. Like any viral video/track, it's bound to receive...
Jauz Super Fly 666

Jauz & 666 are ‘Super Fly’ in fast-paced bass house track

Sam Vogel, better known as the Shark Squad leader Jauz, is only one week away from the release of his debut artist album, The Wise...
Aventry Bad Habits Glow Records

Aventry kickoff Glow Records launch with ‘Bad Habit’

Aventry, a house music producer and DJ, launches Glow Records with an astounding release called "Bad Habit." The release is free for fans to...

Jauz & Crankdat – ‘I Hold Still’ (Slushii VIP Remix) [Free Download]

Bass prodigies Jauz and Crankdat joined forces for an immensely heavy collaboration on "I Hold Still." The track was played out at festivals and...
Teminite Samuel Norris MDK Morgan David King Space Invaders

Teminite & MDK become ‘Space Invaders’ in video game influenced collaboration

Samuel Norris, better known as Teminite, and Morgan David King, who's signature glitchy, video game-inspired sound is known as MDK, have joined teams for...

INF1N1TE calls on Konus for hybrid ‘Crossbreed’ collaboration

This isn't the first time that Calgary-based INF1N1TE has linked up with Konus for an impeccable bass music collaboration. Last year, they did a...
Teminite A New Dawn Uprising

Teminite sends bass shockwave with ‘A New Dawn’

Sam Norris, or as many know him by his grueling moniker Teminite, is a not-so-silent name that is quickly taking over the scene, specifically...

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