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A month after the release of Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding‘s “Miracle,” we’re treated to an exquisite tech house remix from Mau P.

Dutch DJ and producer Mau P has been teasing the release for months. This remix comes right off the grill after a smorgasbord of releases previously and an impactful North American tour. During this climb of booming success, he released “Drugs From Amsterdam.”

Mau P’s remix of “Miracle” slows it down just a bit, yet he maintains strong kinetic energy until the build and release. We’re introduced to a swiveling barrage of euphoric vocals that string us along like dazzling Christmas lights. But the brilliance steps in when we’re boomeranged into a classic ’90s-inspired piano melody and immediately pulled back into the beautiful chaos of fluttering synths and vocal chops.

Calvin’s original sound for “Miracle” is highly infectious and reminds Mau P of the memorable Eurodance music he grew up with.

“Being given the honor to remix one of the all-time legends in dance music at such an early stage in my career as Mau P is humbling and something I’d never held as possible just nine months ago,” Mau P says in a press release shared with EDM In a Soda. “I love the direction Calvin took with ‘Miracle’ as it reminds me of the Eurodance sound I grew up with, it was great fun to work with that. I’m stoked with the result and so far it seems like the people are super excited to hear it so I’m happy that it’s out for the world to enjoy.”

Listen to Mau P’s remix of Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding’s “Miracle.”

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